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How to Fight the End of Summer Blues

As the days grow shorter, school begins, and pumpkin-flavored everything returns, we tend to fall into a small depression knowing that the lazy days of summer are fading away for good. But hey! Don't despair! With a beautiful world like ours, it’s truly not that difficult to venture to a place that serves up sunshine all year-round. Want to fight the end of summer blues? Don’t fight it – vacation!

Here are some of our favorite places to keep the summer party going:

Cruise to an Island

Hop aboard an island-bound cruise and totally forget that the wintry months are coming. It’s no secret that we love cruises over here, and we highly suggest you check some out if you haven’t already. You can even knock a few dream-islands off your wish list if you score the right itinerary!

Dominican Republic, Caribbean

A highly popular destination, the Dominican Republic is the most visited Caribbean island. With stretches of white sand beaches, waterfalls, picturesque mountains and a buzzing atmosphere, we love the DR. Their resorts are incredible, and with their all-inclusive options your extended summer party will be one you’ll always remember.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Popular among Europeans, Playa del Carmen is ranked as the best beach in Mexico. Where else would you want to forget all about the summer you've left behind than at the best beach in Mexico?

Bali, Indonesia

This is the paradise that postcards are made of. Literally. Spend some post-summer time in the beauty of Bali and any bouts of depression will quickly fade away.

Santorini, Greece

The most iconic cliff-side town in Greece, Santorini is as colorful as it is popular. Get lost in the winding roads while gazing at candy-colored houses delicately carved into the mountain. Explore the black sand beaches and the sapphire waters. Santorini will surely cure your summertime blues.

Don’t let the upcoming autumn and winter months get you down. Use this time as the perfect excuse to explore the sunny coastal islands of your dream destinations.

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