Thinking About Becoming A Travel Agent?

Have you considered becoming your own boss? Would you like to book travel and earn money? Become a insider in the travel industry? If you answered yes watch the video below and learn how you can become a home based travel agent, working in the comfort of your own home and setting and creating your own destiny and income. 

Now that you've watch the video on why you should become an agent, what do you think? Are you ready to give it a try? Ready to become a travelpreneur and own your own agency? Click below to sign up now!

Frequently asked questions

Is recruiting required?

This was the first question I asked as well, the answer is No! Recruiting is completely optional.

Right now I would like to sign up as an agent only but may be interested in recruiting in the future. Is this something I can add on later?

Yes! That's actually what I did. I wanted to get a feel or the company first and once I decided to stay with the company I signed up for PlanNet Marketing in addition to being an agent.

Is a credit check required prior to signing up?

No, a credit check is not required but for tax purposes you have an option to either provide your SSN or your business' Tax Identification Number (TIN). If you do not have a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in your business name and you would like to obtain one, you can do so for free and in less than 5 minutes by visiting

This sounds really good, how do I get started and how long do I have to wait before I start booking travel?

I'm excited that you are interesting in joining me on this journey. You can literally be on your way in about 5 minutes. To join you can do so by clicking Become A Travelpreneur or by simply clicking HERE. If you are interesting in joining as an Independent Travel Agent only please click Learn More under Your Product and Purchase more. If you would like to join to be a Independent Travel Agent AND would like to recruit as well, join the PlanNet Marketing site first, click Learn More under Your Business and Enroll Now. Once you are signed in, in the Virtual Back Office you will see an option to Purchase ITA (Independent Travel Agent) Now. You will be asked to verify your information and to re-enter your SSN and credit card information.

I have no experience with being a travel agent, will there be any training and/or support?

Yes!! Aside from the recruiting question this was one of my biggest concerns. You do not need prior experience and there will be TONS of training and support around you. Not only do we have leadership to refer our questions to but we also have a Live Chat feature in our back office and also a toll free telephone number we can contact for assistance. You do not have to worry about signing up and just being left to figure things out yourself. We have a great support system.

Why would I want to become a Home Based Agent instead of starting my own agency from scratch? How much is this going to cost me?

That's another great question. Prior to finding out about the Home Based Agent companies I research starting my own company from scratch. One of the required accreditations (IATA) alone would be $15,000 for the non-refundable application fee, another $15,000 entrance fee paid upon completion of the application review and THEN the annual fees are $14,000. So that's $30,000 to start and $14,000 annually just to keep your IATA accreditation. You can simply pay the $179.95 enrollment fee as being an Independent Travel Agent only or $199.95 to enroll to recruit too and you will receive all the insurance and credentials paid for and maintained by InteleTravel. There will be a monthly fee of $39.95 a month totaling $479.40 per year compared to $30,000 to start and $14.000 to maintain. You will have your own online booking personalized booking engine, FREE training, FREE back office, access to the entire industry just like a traditional travel agent. Oh and let's not forget starting from scratch also means getting your business name recognized in the industry, by singing up to be a home based agent you are signing up with a company that is already known in the industry.

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